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Server-Side Ad Insertion

Return to the Original Touch of Advertising

Enhance monetization by bypassing ad-blocker. Deliver TV-like seamless viewing experience and personalized ads via multiscreen devices.

Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) overcomes the ongoing challenge of ad blocking for ad-driven business, such as broadcasters and publishers. With SSAI, ads are non-blockable and ad viewability can be measured to maximize your revenue.

It offers seamless streaming between video contents and commercial breaks, and improves user experience by delivering personalized ads to individual viewers watching the same content.

    Server-Side Ad Insertion

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    Contrary to traditional client-side ad insertion which delivers ads and contents respectively to end devices, Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) integrates video ads and contents altogether as one stream by inserting ads from the server side, thus achieving seamless streaming and non-blockable ads.

    Upon receiving each ad request, server will deliver personalized ads to the target audience. Integration with third-party verification tools such as MOAT and IAS to track and analyze ad viewability is also provided.

      What Are Included

      ai personalization

      AI-driven Ad Personalization

      Reach viewers with different ads based on their interests and demographics.

      ad insights

      Insightful Viewability Reports

      Analyze streaming data to maximize advertising effectiveness.

      high scaling

      High Scaling Capability

      Robust and reliable for ads stiching at large scale of concurrent viewers.


      Right Ads to the Right Audience

      Ad personalization is deliverd to interested viewers.

      More Viewer-friendly Online Ad Experience

      TV-like streaming experience with zero rebuffering between video contents and ads.

      No More Worries for Ad-blockers

      Ads are delivered as part of video contents, and thus non-blockable and non-skippable to viewers.


      Whether you're kickstarting a streaming service or migrating to a new platform, find out how our platform can improve your business.

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