Seamlessly integrating ad-based linear streaming into an existing platform



KKTV is a Taiwanese video streaming service provider that went online in October 2016. KKTV subscribers gain access to thousands of Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, Hong Kong and Japanese dramas, which they can watch on-demand on mobile, tablet or web applications.


After gaining momentum to become one of Taiwan's largest on-demand streaming services, KKTV wanted to take their business even further. They saw an opportunity in viewers’ willingness to watch advertisements in exchange for free content, so they approached KKStream with an idea: incorporate ad-embedded linear streaming into their existing VOD-streaming platform to generate additional revenue from adver-tisements.


KKStream successfully integrated the latest linear streaming technology into KKTV's existing platform. We provided the following solutions:

ad based

Ad-Based Linear Streaming

KKStream seamlessly integrated ad-embedded linear streaming into KKTV's existing platform, without causing the slightest ripple in user experience or KKTV's workflow. KKStream's linear streaming solution creates a smooth channel surfing experience whereby streamers can freely surf through channels without video interruption.


Transcoder and DRM

KKStream converted thousands of hours of content into a digital format compatible across devices using our proprietary transcoder, and protected copyrighted content via Hollywood-grade DRM.

multi cdn

Multiple CDN Solution

Content is delivered to viewers via a multiple-CDN solution, increasing the connectivity speed and improving users’ streaming experience.


In just 8 months, KKTV launched their SVOD platform, compatible on both desktop and mobile ap- plications—a task that would have been impossible without KKStream. Thanks to KKStream's cutting-edge technology, KKTV is also able to deliver a smooth, advertisement-supported channel surfing ser- vice to streamers—it's an amazing experience!

Amy Tsai

Director of Business Development, KKTV


Since integrating linear streaming into their existing platform, KKTV has expanded their business to include seven different channels that offer scheduled streaming for thousands of Asian dramas. This new platform gives KKTV the chance to expand their user base, increase advertisement revenue, and access untapped markets.